Saturday, January 1, 2011


Not any reason besides the fact that it will be eleven years, one month, and a day before I can use a title like that again. Better grasp the oppty ... might not be around. Ya never know.
Oh, and there's this


Edith Ann said...

I wanted to title a blog 1-1-11, but my blog has nothing to do witht he date. Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks like this.

This was fun, and I noticed a big of the Tango in there. You know, I will never watch or hear a tango without forever thinking of you. The imprints folks leave on us! Thanks for that.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Now that brightened my day! And weren't they a pair! I loved those guys. Yesterday was a good day, not just with the fam but on the boob tube also. A Twilight Zone marathon, and on another channel, a Three Stooges marathon. Flipped back and forth, amazed how so much of that still holds up today. With each Twilight Zone episode, nevermind I've seen them all millions of times, I still am amazed at Rod Serling's vision. He was way ahead of his time. And no matter how many times Moe pokes Curly in the eyes, it's still

Still haven't accomplished my new year's resolution, though I have 363 more days to try. That is, to beat my dad at pool. We played several games yesterday, and I came close, but can't beat him fair and square.


Hope yourself's and herself's new year is starting out on the right foot.

The Loon said...

EA: I'm too clumsy to dance anything, so I might as well not dance the beautiful, elegant tango as not dance a two-step.
Sug: Good year looming for all. Maybe you'll beat your pop at least once. See y'all.

Rebecca said...

An insectivore would engage in entomophagy. "Entomophagy" is the word I couldn't think of.

Cool Math blog

The Loon said...

R: An insectivore in Latin is precisely a entomophage in Greek, what linguists call a calque. Thx for the math site. Fun talking to you today.

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