Monday, November 8, 2010

Rancho San Fulano Huitlatepec, the Summer White House, my dacha

A couple of months ago, I bought some acres, nearly six of em, on the outskirts of the Greater Buffalo (Kan) Metropolitan Area. There are nearly 300 people in Buffalo, but mi ranchito is just outside the city limits, so escaping some of the hurlyburly of people driving to Drake's for morning coffee at 10. Imna run up there this week to try to figure out what to do with it, shelterwise. There are two good wells, fine prairie grass, a pretty good old barn, and a bunch of peace and quiet. The treeline comprises mostly pecans and black walnuts, and poking around you'd find wild asparagus, morel mushrooms, and blackberry bushes. May just buy a FEMA trailer and pop it in the back corner, though I'd prefer something a little more substantial.
How far wrong can you go with good fertile soil in a crime-free community? I don't really expect a Mad-Max denouement to the current economic chaos, but it would be a good place to be if there were one. If, as I suspect, we merely continue to slowly deteriorate and to unravel the pathetic remains of the American middle class, el rancho will also be a pretty good place to have on reserve.

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Truth Ferret said...

Make sure to have a guest house, as maybe some of your fans would love to come visit.