Monday, November 29, 2010

Long time no tango

And then I found this, a five-year-old Chinese girl, an accordion whiz, doing 'La Cumparsita':


Edith Ann said...

I was just thinking you haven't shared a tango with us lately!

What a delight! Simply amazing and so well done!

As always, thank you for the tangos...

oompah ma said...

When I was a kid, my father made all 3 of his kids take accordion lessons because he LOVED Myron Floren from the Lawrence Welk show. The 2 oldest, maybe because they were boys, but more likely because they were about 12 and 14 when we started, quickly gave it up. I was 6 when I started lessons and took them for about 10 years. We traveled the country in the summer, playing in festivals and such (we played at the opening of the HemisFair in San Antonio). I’m sure I wasn’t as good as this girl (maybe EVER), but I still own a couple of accordions and if I don’t have arthritis of the fingers by the time I get to retire (if I do), I may just pick it up again. Thanks for the memories of red, pinched thighs from wearing shorts while playing accordion, dancing to and playing “Swanee River” (at the same time) on stage, and everything else this conjures up.