Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dog tucker for me

When I got back last Saturday from my little road trip, herself greeted me with a lovely plate of braised lamb shanks. Though they've gotten a bit dear of late, I've loved lamb shanks for years, started eating them in Chicago back in the late 60s. Because of rising prices for meat, New Zealanders find themselves eating lamb shanks and feeling reduced in circumstances because lamb shanks are considered fit for dogs down yonder. From the Press-News of New Zealand:
The price hikes are driving changes in eating habits.
Families are moving from expensive steak cuts to mince [hamburger] and lamb shanks, says William Eriksen, director of Auckland's The Neat Meat Company.
"They're getting the cheaper frozen cuts to try to stretch the budget out over the week, to try to feed their family.
"They're moving to cheaper cuts like oxtail, things that traditionally they wouldn't have fed to their dog a while ago."

Read it here and try to imagine that oxtail is cheap somewhere in this world.

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