Sunday, November 28, 2010

Break time

We've been in the full family mode this past few days. It's a truly amazing thing to hear grown women doing sing-song falsetto coos about poopies, but that's life with a baby. This baby happens to be a creature of rare beauty and intelligence [i.e., our baby], and I had a good time with her and never hit one falsetto note. We sat out and smoked cigars, spit, and cussed the gummint. She has a sly, if as yet inarticulate sense of humor, and can actually eat spicy food. Can your grandbaby do that? Hah. I thought not.
And besides that, the top executives of the pirate crew came by Friday night for dinner. Last week, the Mad Kayaker and his light-of-love came to dinner. They even brought me a gift, a book of limericks, almost none suitable for a family blog. I love it. It has scholarly disquisitions on the development of the limerick. Maybe we'll explore that later.
So, a bit of slack until the madness of Christmas ...


Edith Ann said...

She is adorable, and grandkids are the best!

Mine's not discussing national affairs yet because he is too busy screaming "Clues Clues" (Blue Clues) at everyone and everything.

Sure you can't find one limerick that you could share? We could use a laugh.

The Loon said...

Actually, I do all the cigar smokin and cussin and most of the spittin. Young Lily mostly contributes giggles and light.

Edith Ann said...


The Loon said...

Dear Anon - Conscious what I think is that this is bizarre spam.
EA - I'll investigate the limericks book and find something to put up. It's really interesting, and one of the points author makes it that there are almost no good, non-dirty limericks. The joy of the limerick is the inventive dirtiness of the form.