Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why the Europeans are sometimes superior

In this country, we tend to follow as celebrities some of the trashiest and dreariest people imaginable, small-bore vulgarians with no impulse control. Look how much better the Spanish do this. From the Independent of the UK:
The Duchess of Alba, the grandest grandee in Spain, is said to be able to cross the country from north to south without leaving her estates, and possess as many titles as the Queen of England and of higher rank. But despite wealth and her bluest of blue blood, Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva, 82, is being denied her heart's desire after her children scotched her plans to marry an antique dealer 24 years her junior.

Read it all here and be amazed how LiLo pales when up against against a really interesting celeb. Pipe the duchess's list of titles at the bottom and consider her forebear, the Duchess who probably posed for the Goya 'Maja' paintings.

Apparently there were complaints from some source, perhaps the lady's husband, about the fairly innocent nude, so Goya put some clothes on her and made her more lascivious and nekkid when clothed than when nude. Those Alba girls are such cut-ups.

All my life I wanted to see the Goya paintings in the Prado in Madrid and finally made it when I was 60. You should go to Madrid now; you could fall over dead during the holidays and miss this.


globalgal said...

My husband just came from two months in his hometown in Spain and he expressed nothing but shock and disgust over the state of Spanish television - every channel clogged with reality and talk shows. He says society has spiraled down from their worship of the royalty clans to a sudden obsession with pseudo-celebs of all variety. He said he felt like it was one long, drawn out episode of the Jerry Springer Show every time he turned on the TV. This is a relatively new phenomenon, as the Spain I know and love is mainly concerned with the comings and goings of the royalty and movie stars that fill the pages of Hola - somehow tawdry but not trashy at the same time.

The Loon said...
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The Loon said...

Hey, GG - I'm sorry to hear that. I really like Spain and Spaniards and don't like to think of them being as trashy as Americans seem to have become. I was watching a YouTube of Hoagie Carmichael the other day and threw a rant about the degradation of American popular culture, delivered with my customary print-shop obscenity. My wife just lifted her eyebrows, supercilious thing that she is. I'm a little global myownself but have promised the doc I'd try to lose some globality.