Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lawyer stuff

A link from a lawyer blog I like leads me to a blog by a Virginia defense lawyer named Jamison Koehler, who posts some funny tweets from other defense guys, including:
No, I don’t think moving all your assets into the name of your ex-wife to hide them is a good idea. But she does.
When I said I accept green payments, I meant cash, not weed.
Convicted of committing the same crime last year?  The term you are looking for is “recidivism,” not double jeopardy.
You know the green hoodie the suspect was wearing in the videotape? Maybe you shouldn’t wear it to court.
Three felony convictions? Why, yes, I think that makes you a great candidate for probation.

Read them all here. Defending is hard. Had a defender tell me once that maybe the most frustrating defense was of an accused who is genuinely innocent of the crime alleged.

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