Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, woe

After a long run of rah-rah stuff on Cat and UH-V, it looks like the Vicad has set out on a Fatal Phillips series. Bum Phillips is an interesting guy, as who isn't at his age, and Gabe Semenza is a good writer, but a reader must ask if this is really necessary.
The UH-V story was covered more thoroughly and honestly by blogger Edith Ann than was done in the paper. As for Caterpillar, we certainly need some payroll that will benefit the great ruck of Coastal Bend humanity, but how often do we see these salvation-has-arrived stories degenerate into quarreling and chaos? Guess we'll find out. I hope it's true ... about the only good working-class jobs around here are in the plants, and we need more jobs like that. Working people may not be as sexy as two-steppin' tourists, but they will spend their checks at home, and on stuff like pick-ups and houses and swimming pools and groceries. I think that's good for the general economy.

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Edith Ann said...

Oh, my! I am humbled at the mention. Thank you, kind Loon.

About the Fatal Phillips series--I had heard some time back that this book was in the works. I really haven't read it, I'm sure it's a fine story. I'm just not a football fan, therefore I have no interest. But as one poster on the forum pointed out--who's going to want buy the book after reading most of it for free online?

As to the 'local hero' designation Semenza has bestowed upon Phillips--he's only local since retirement. He's not from this area. I find it particularly annoying when the Advocate takes liberties with semi-truths like this.

But yeah--once Cat breaks ground, then I think we can exhale and look forward to the jobs for the locals. And Dale Fowler can go back to lunching at the Country Club with the Good Ol' Boys.