Sunday, August 1, 2010

Attn Bayrat

For a well-known author, sportsman, and raconteur who requested it, here is the site that we will euphemistically call 'Things my children destroyed.' Even if you're not the Bayrat, you might find some familiar things in this collection of mass destruction by kiddies.


Edith Ann said...

OMG! I am about to pee my pants!

This stuff is hysterical.

I'd write more, but I have to alert my daughter-in-law, mother of the most precocious 18 month old Jake, so she can prepare.

Thanks. this has made my day!

Sugar Magnolia said...


I think I made it to page 13 and had to stop because my belly hurt so much from the laughing!!!

AHAHAHAHA....ahhhhh....that was freakin' funny, Loon.

The Loon said...

Ain't that a hoot? Sent it along to all the young parents I could think of.