Friday, August 6, 2010

Late-breaking news

It's late Friday night, and who could resist this collection of journalistic tritetudes from the LA Times?


Sugar Magnolia said...

It was a dark and stormy night...


So THAT'S the place from where the VicAd rips off their insipid little banalities.

Wow. I thought *I* had a lack of imagination, but jeez, that's just sad.

Did like the one about the mayor in the nosebleed section, almost to "the moon".

I swear I had some seats at a Billy Joel concert that could have fit that description.

Worst seats EVER.

Sugar Magnolia said...

OK, I swear I cannot help myself here.

I went to visit the Crapocate online after I left your site, and the "headline" I was greeted with reads thusly:

"An air of giddiness hung in the hallways of Cade Middle School on Friday."

I swear I could not make this stuff up.

The Loon said...
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The Loon said...

+ they had Rep. Geanie Morrison's name misspelled on a Page 1 cutline. Even Advocate copy editors should know how to spell the local rep's name.

Truth Ferret said...

Sometimes the title of the article gets my panties in a wad, also. This one:"Pasadena school dogs chronic dropouts" First of all, I thought it was about dogs who work in the schools (like drug sniffers and proceeded to drop out of school and they had to replace that dog, who eventually dropped out.) Chronic dropouts are what? Once you've dropped out, you can't be chronic, can you? Chronic absences, I understand, but chronic dropouts?

Sugar, the first line I thought of was, "It was a dark and stormy night..." also. Great minds and all that.