Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspiration to all eaters

This fat and furry little rascal, a marmot, nibbles its cracker with punctilious daintiness and obvious delight. As a fellow fat-and-furry, I salute him for his obvious good appetite.

I kited this funny vid from comments on a Serious Eats post. If you like food, Serious Eats is a fun browse, and there's a New York edition that makes understandable the impulse to live in that metropolis.


Edith Ann said...

This is toooooooo cute!
He's so sweet looking and what a neat little guy he is!

Thanks for sharing this.

Truth Ferret said...

Loved the sounds, it reminds me of my husband's typing skills on an old manual typewriter.

I have never seen this animal, although I used to teach a novel that described them as "whistle pigs." (Bearstone was the book.)

Your posts are always so interesting and unique, just like you.

Sugar Magnolia said...

On a day I needed my blood pressure to come down a few (hundred) points, I believe this did the trick.

We seem to have a new arrival who has been with us for a little over a week now, a small feline of the grey tabby persuasion, who was dumped off around these parts and has quickly become part of the fam. He (or she? - can't tell yet, but the vet will come Thursday) is a bottomless pit, eating everything in sight and refusing nothing it has been offered. Not near as delicate and polite as the little marmot, though.

Oh, did I mention there are 6 other itty kitties discovered just today, must be its siblings, hiding beneath dad's house? Don't know why our little one was the first to come forward, as we had no inkling there were any others. I mean, nary a peep. Just this one for over a week.

Well, that's all a whole other story, but let's just say I'm appreciative of the video, as I've had very little sleep this past week and that has made this Monday even harder than a usual Monday.

Thank you, Mr. Loon!