Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big boat race

The Texas Water Safari was postponed from an early June weekend and ran this weekend with a slightly attenuated field on high water. Boat #314 won, coming in at 7:40 this evening, several hours before the usual time. Most years, we're sitting down at the pavilion straining our eyes out over the bay, trying to catch a glimpse of a running light on a canoe; lot to be said for a finish in broad daylight.


Pilot said...

High water years do that. Low water bridges become under water bridges. Once treacherous rapids become a high speed thrill ride, portages are virtually eliminated, and the race becomes a steering contest rather than a paddling or rowing competition. Glad to see they got it done, as opposed to calling it off. Those who finished, regardless of the river level or conditions, accomplished something that few can claim having done.

Edith Ann said...

My son and daughter-in-law went down to the boat ramp in Riverside Park to see what they could see, and what excited my son was the 6 man canoe. It was the third canoe to check in at RP, and he was completely fascinated by the efficiency of the team as they relaunched after check in.

Regardless of where they finish, all participants are to be admired for their guts and sense of adventure. And you, Loon, are to be envied for your spot at the finish line.