Sunday, July 18, 2010


Got a note from and old-and-dear who happens to be the librarian here in **Adrift. Seems a county-wide blanket 10% budget cut will include the four libraries in Calhoun County. She wrote, in part, 'We need MORE open hours and activities for our children, NOT LESS. The bad guys are out there, ready and anxious to provide them with nurture of a sort, inspire them to illegal activities, and give them a home that's called a gang. Then there is the larger facility under renovation up the street. We're going to move into a larger library, and there will be NO additional staff hired? Sounds like all of us are going to be asked to work harder and do more, for less money.'
Governments all about the country at all levels are in terrible trouble, and something very like bankruptcy looms for several states. Still, libraries use such relatively piddling amounts of money and give so much to life ...
And, then, the Onion does one of their joke articles with more truth than not. Struggling High School Cuts Football—Nah, Just Kidding, Art It Is They chose Pennsylvania for this dateline, that state being as football-besotted as Texas.

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