Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sun nite

David Frum writing on Slate has some strong words on the effect of our immigration policies on the future of the U.S.:
Since 1970, America's largest source of immigrants has been Latin America, especially Mexico. More than half of these Latino immigrants lack a high school diploma.
Compare the U.S. experience with Canada's. More than half of all immigrants to Canada possess a university degree. Half of all Canada's Ph.D.s are foreign-born.

Read the rest here. The Chamber of Commerce cheap-labor capitalists and the googoo Left insist we need to embrace the unknown number of illegals already present in our country. Every year the U.S. graduates from high schools many thousands of people who have approximately tenth-grade educations. Why should we let more in?
Little schoolkids in Mexico look at maps on the wall that label the Southwest of our country as usurped from Mexico. We may not think a lot about the consequences of the Mexican War, but believe me, the Mexicans obsess on it, and some Mexican-Americans do too.

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bruce said...

i wonder what this guy would think of venezuela. really.