Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Advances and outrages

From a site named New Ledger, this headline and brief story: Computer Algorithm Can Recognize Sarcasm. That's good, because literal-minded people are a bane of my life, and any little bit of help they can get is welcome.
And a link from that site to a story in the Carolina Journal about the obnoxious overreaching of the damn gummint:
RALEIGH — If the food police get their way, North Carolinians can kiss their country hams, bacon, and fresh Bright Leaf hot dogs goodbye. These Southern specialties might not disappear altogether, but, if the health agency’s crusade against salt is successful, they never will taste the same again.

Read all that one here. The gummint can mess with my Wright's bacon, plain or peppered, when they secure the borders and enforce the immigration laws. Bacon is one of life's perfect commodities, at once crisp, salty, and fatty for a trifecta of delightful sensations. It is not the place of the meddling feds to mess about with my bacon.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Follow me here as I recount the strange workings of my mind, and I promise you it has everything to do with your blog....

We had breakfast tacos for dinner last night. Nothing too complicated, just eggs, bacon, potatoes, flour tortillas and lots of salsa. We did eat later than usual, due to circumstances (sort of) beyond our control.

My dreams are many times weird, but that's why they call them dreams, right? Anyhoo, last night, I dreamed I was in the presence of President Obama, not sure why, but I was just there, and he "codes". I proceed to do CPR and revive him, and a helicopter is flying around, and I'm pretty sure this is happening at my house, as I can see the the helicopter (sort of; we have the "glass blocks" kind of window in my bathroom) through my bathroom window.

Point is, I gotta quit eating bacon before I go to bed. That was a very disturbing and real dream.

If any secret service people are reading this, no I am not plotting to do away with his Highness, nor am I planning to save him. For all you know, that was just a bit of rich sarcasm (sort of) that I know my friend enjoys, along with my terrible (sort of) puns.

You may now return to your regularly (sort of) scheduled life.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Maybe the point of the dream was that they (the gummit) will pry my bacon from my cold, dead hands (or theirs.....)

Edith Ann said...

So my brother was going to cook a pot of blackeyed peas. He had a package of thick sliced bacon and he only uses about 3" off one end, leaving a bunch of about 6" slices.

We looked at each other and I said, "Chicken fried bacon?" He said, "Not without EMS standing by."

Just can't quite work up the courage to try it, figure you would have it swallowed good before you keeled over dead.

But to the dreams--pizza. Guaranteed to make me have the weirdest stuff happening.

Did you know that the first meat that a vegetarian usually tries is bacon? Bacon is the perfect food.

Truth Ferret said...

Crisp Bacon is absolutely my favorite breakfast food. Most of the time when I order it out, it's wimpy and nasty. I love bacon that can stand on its own crisp self.

Sarcasm has gotten me in trouble since I was a young teen. In fact my best friend's mom told her that I couldn't sleep over any more if I didn't cut out the sarcasm. Unfortunately, I had to have a safe haven on weekends, so I was stifled, but I survived.

People either "get me" by this age I am, or you know what, "See you later, gator." Don't need to have judges anymore.

not securely anchored said...

Yes indeedy Edith Ann, the Cajuns have already thought of chicken-fried bacon. Paul Prudhomme has a great recipe for oysters and blanched bacon rolled in spiced flour and fried.