Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Public schools

A UT/Texas Tribune poll indicates that public confidence in the state's schools is pretty damn low:
About a quarter of the respondents — 26 percent — express "complete" or "a great deal" of confidence in the public schools. Almost a third — 31 percent — say they have "hardly any" or "very little" confidence. The other 42 percent say they have "only some confidence" in the primary system for educating the state's children.

Read the whole thing here. This after the state has once again embarrassed itself with standards dictated by ideology and sect rather than scholarship and intellectual honesty. Poor Texas.
A young friend has completed a home-school education recently. A few years back, her father noticed she was more and more reluctant to go to school, asking to be dropped off at the last possible minute. Turned out she had become the target of thugettes who threatened to beat her up. We were talking to The Girl about the situation at the time. She asked, 'Is she pretty? Is she smart?' Yes and yes. Girl just shrugged as if the situation were self-explanatory. How could a smart and pretty girl, and a petite girl at that, expect not to be menaced in public school? Our friends pulled their daughter out of VISD schools and educated her at home, no doubt to much better effect than the public schools would have done, and also spared their child daily fear from unrestrained delinquents. It is telling that so many public-school teachers homeschool their children or put them in private schools.


Truth Ferret said...

From preschool through high school, I daughter only stepped onto VISD campuses to visit me. She was schooled at religious schools, for her safety, my sanity and NO TAKS tests. She took an actual standardized test each year and we could plot her progress in her education.

No "baby's mommas" sitting next to her; no thugs with pants hanging below their rears; prayers were allowed; high standards of behavior and academic achievement were the norm.

So many good reasons not to send your child to VISD....not too many reasons to used the public school system in the Crossroad area.

Throughout my many years of teaching in VISD, I had many excellent students; worked with some outstanding staff members and followed the direction of ONE absolute most human, dynamic, compassionate principal ever. He was the heart and soul of our school and held us all the high standard that he maintained for himself. They don't make principals like him any more and we are all the worse for that.

The Girl said...

And this recent story regarding the Pflugerville High School yearbook....



Posted on May 26, 2010 at 5:35 PM

Updated today at 5:41 PM

It's the time of year when high school students get their yearbooks, but the one at Pflugerville High School is raising some eyebrows.

The yearbook is 211 pages. But just two pages are grabbing the attention of some parents because it deals with subjects that some believe are showing the students in a bad light -- and didn't have to be included at all.

It's your typical high school yearbook -- with smiling pictures of the junior and senior class, the Pflugerville High football team, and the theater department. But one section is causing more drama than yearbook staff bargained for.

It has a poll on how students feel about sex, shows the nicknames for illegal drugs and how many kids drink on a regular basis.

One page is devoted to teen pregnancy. It highlights an expecting high school couple and their fears for the future. It also features a sonogram of their baby.
The Munchkin will not be attending school in PISD.

The Loon said...

We had a domestic reported in the blotter a couple months back where a 16-year-old baby daddy set upon the 14-year-old mother of his child. There may be no hope for the republic.