Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Got doom?

And for a little dollop of extra fret, we also have an inauspicious weather augury for the months ahead:
William Gray, the hurricane forecast pioneer who founded Colorado State University's respected storm research team, said CSU would ramp up its predictions for the 2010 season in a report due out on June 2.
"The numbers are going to go up quite high," Gray said. "This looks like a hell of a year."

Read all that Reuters story here. About this time every year, we go into a state of constant, low-level anxiety punctuated by terror, unworthy wishes for evil stuff to go to Florida [they're used to it], dread of the prospect of boarding up, and worries about where to run to.


Edith Ann said...

Don't they predict a 'bad' year every year?

I just can't get excited way before hand because I realize I have no control.

But having lived no more than 30 miles from the Gulf Coast all my life, I do have a healthy respect for huricanes. My first hurricane was Carla when I was in the first grade.

Maybe he will, once again, be very off in his prediction.

UnrulyGurl said...

Last year they didn't predict a bad year. The only worry I have this year is the combo of leaking oil & a hurricane in the gulf spreading it our way. Ick!