Sunday, May 30, 2010

Drill, baby, drill

Been watching the Sun a.m. thumb-sucker shows, usually a contraindicated treatment for my chronic disgust at the state of the republic. James Carville was on Candy Crowley's show and did another beautiful blast at the slow reaction from all parties to the big leak. Couple days ago, he thumped the Obama admin for its lack of urgency in dealing with the leak. There also has come to my hand this interesting tidbit from Bloomberg:
May 20 (Bloomberg) -- Anadarko Petroleum Corp., the U.S. oil company that owns a stake in BP Plc’s leaking Gulf of Mexico well, got government permission to drill at another deep-water prospect hours after the explosion that triggered the spill.

Read it all here. She'll be right, mate. No worry. No problemo. Yeah …

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