Monday, December 14, 2009

Onward through the fog

Seems like we've been foggy for days. This afternoon, the bank of fog moved just a little way offshore and made things look like an Albert Pinkham Ryder seascape, the harbor area all ghostly but tranquil. You could see it a few blocks to the west, moving across the street and headed south for the bay. Everything was some shade of gray. It was even better in person.

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Pilot said...

I've seen it worse, but without a doubt it looks like an IFR day on the bay. I used to love to load that crew boat up with workers when it was so foggy you couldn't see the bow bit from the wheelhouse, and crank up the radar and kick it up to about ski boat speed as I negotiated the way out. Those guys would get wide eyed when we'd blow by a 200' barge hanging on a mooring that was 10' away. They were mostly Mexican workers from the valley, and I think they all thought I was a voodoo boat driver, just watching that radar and never looking out the window, but they were happy as larks when I got them to work and the dock on time, regardless the weather. Good bunch of friends they were. The boat people are one of the things I miss most about that job.