Thursday, December 10, 2009

Midwest unrest

Iowahawk, one of the funniest bloggers around, recently reran an old post about violent demonstrations in the Upper Midwest, insurgencies supposedly triggered by cartoons depicting satirically the image of Vince Lombardi.
Over the past five years, the volatile Midwest has produced violent rage like the knockwurst output at Milwaukee's venerable Usinger's -- sudden, repeated, and in long unbroken strings. One of the principle [sic] catalysts was the rise the Uff Da insurgency, led by the enigmatic Pastor Duane Gunderson, who seek a unified Lutheran caliphate stretching from the Great Plains to Lake Huron, and the banning of non-Big 10/Pac 10 apostates from the Rose Bowl. Gunderson remains in hiding, but his influence was seen last year in the widely publicized Lutefisk desecration riots that rocked the Heartland amid the pancake breakfast holidays.

To read the whole thing, go here. You'll have to scroll down five or six posts, but it's worth it.


Sugar Magnolia said...

That is hilarious. It reminds me of the "news bulletins" they would play on Hee-Haw, you know, the ones broadcast on KORN radio, recapping the day's events in a little rural Peyton Place.

Sounds a little like something Ray Stevens-ish, even. I love offbeat stuff like this.

Pilot said...

So all this time, I have been spelling lutefisk wrong.......well, it's not like I have ever consented to try the nasty stuff. Uff Da!

The Loon said...

No, it's lutefisk. And it's vile.