Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas open house

We went to an afternoon party today. The host and hostess are a couple of people interested in history, particularly local Victoria history. The guests were a civilized lot, well read and engaged with the city and the world. A principal topic of discussion was how much they hate the Vicad these days. These are the readers who made up the subscriber base of the paper forever, and they're alienated from it and feel betrayed by an editorial policy that ignores their tastes. I remember in Austin in maybe the early 80s the locals got so mad at the editor of the American-Statesman that you'd see bumperstickers reading 'Impeach Ray Mariotti.' I was amazed at a town that felt that strongly about its newspaper, but I guess newspapers have always been important to us of a certain age. Too bad the prevalent sentiments about the Vicad are distaste, disgust, and feelings of abandonment. Wonder how the year-on-year ad revenues are looking.


Sugar Magnolia said...

It was indeed a splendid gathering of fine folks. I now have had the honor of meeting some of the g"litterati" of the VicAd of the past, sort of like the ghosts of Christmas past, but a lot more intelligent. Now THOSE are the kind of writers I have the utmost respect for.

Ya think the VicAd will ever get it?

Nah, me neither.

Pilot said...

I second her assessment of the gathering. My only regret is that with my penchant for sitting down with folks many years my senior and picking their brains and savoring their stories, there must have been about fifteen parties worth of such folks present. Too much knowledge, too many life stories, and history - too little time..... Could not have had a more glorious day for such an occasion, and I am proud that I was privileged enough to be invited.

Edith Ann said...

I told them they need to make this a semi-annual event. I could do this twice a year, and I see these folks all the time!

There are too many stories--that is why the Thursday night Margarita event is so entertaining.

I will get you all a chance to hear the stripper story. I promise.

Truth Ferret said...

I am not all that comfortable with lots of people who I don't know, but at this gathering I felt so comfortable that my uneasiness quickly vanished.

All that was lacking on the back patio was a fire pit and some marshmellows. (Well, and then of course graham crackers and Hersey bars to go with the marshmellows.)

Listening to others with life's stories that were running parallel to mine made me feel younger somehow. Isn't that weird? I guess knowing that I am not alone with my history is a comfort. Ken Kessey and all, what a trip, huh?

The Loon said...

TF – I knew a guy in Austin who had known Neal Cassady when he was down in Mexico finishing himself off w/drugs. KK was a great writer … shame he was such a mess.