Sunday, July 19, 2009

Patron saint of yuppies?

And I always thought Chad was one of those goofy names that come from nowhere and find favor with the pretentious. Turns out that St Chad is a historical personage of the British church, Chad of Lichfield, A.D. 672, Feast Day: March 2.
… Chad preferred walking to riding. Again, this may seem a trivial issue to us, but it represented a deep commitment to the common people. Horses were the privilege of the nobility, a sign of wealth and position. Aidan[']s tradition of humility and simplicity found little sympathy in the continental church for it failed to maintain the dignity and honor of a ruling bishop. Archbishop Theodore would not hear Chad[']s protestations and went so far as to physically place him on a horse in order to travel around the kingdom.

Read this, and you'll know more about Chad of Lichfield than anyone but a church historian.

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