Sunday, July 12, 2009

Palin pales

We had a dear friend down for an overnighter Friday. Had a fine time eating and drinking wine and talking about this and that. She used to live in Wasilla, Alaska, and has some pungent things to say about fleeing-Gov. Sarah Palin. More interesting yet for public consumption is an editorial that ran Saturday in the Wall Street Journal, no bunch on lib softies, on why Palin shouldn't even think it:
Here are a few examples of what we may face in the next 10 years: a profound and prolonged American crash, with the admission of bankruptcy and the spread of deep social unrest; one or more American cities getting hit with weapons of mass destruction from an unknown source; faint glimmers of actual secessionist movements as Americans for various reasons and in various areas decide the burdens and assumptions of the federal government are no longer attractive or legitimate.

Given that array of impending miseries, would we want a half-bright narcissist running things? Sarah's life trajectory traces that of a lot of people in this world, but it doesn't qualify her for high office. Read the entire editorial here.

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