Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Glorious Fourth

One of my favorite observances. Wife said we should read something special as homage to the day, but we couldn't think of what it would be, beyond the Declaration of Independence itself. The signers stand yet as exemplars of moral courage, willing to risk all for an ideal. Bet nobody there checked a poll before signing on. We are lucky to live in a political system that sorta descends from such vision. Not sure what they'd make of Goldman Sachs, et al., though.
We're off this evening to eat shrimp in the country with Mike the Pirate and his crew. That should put a fine cap on the day. A happy Fourth to all.
End note: And for a grand finale, after eating shrimp and drinking white wine, we went out to Swan Point with a 6th-grade boy and shot off fireworks. Who could ask for anything more? How long's it been since you held a roman candle?

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