Friday, July 3, 2009

Dark Friday & light

We had a power outage of several hours duration this afternoon and early evening. Electric company told a neighbor that it ran as far as Edna and left 1,000 customers without power. We sat out front and enjoyed such breeze as we had off the bay, even ate our dinner out on the front sidewalk. It wasn't as hot as it could have been, but still it was nice to get the power back on and the AC ginning again. It is only air conditioning that permits comfortable living here six months of the year. Older houses are built to catch prevailing breezes, but new ones are built to be air conditioned.
On a bizarre note, Sarah Palin is resigning as governor of Alaska. I watch that silly, vain, and vapid woman and feel that she believes she can be president of this country. It's sorta sweet that the 'Yes-I-can' philosophy has so triumphed, but I don't think so. She will be an embarrassment to the Rs, unless her intentions are to lead Alaska in an independence movement. She should nurse no ambition larger than to be the leading real-estate broker in Wasilla, Alaska, and an esteemed member of her church. Anything beyond that is beyond her.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

What do you mean Palin "will" be an embarrassment? She already IS. I swear when McCain chose her, I thought, "WHAAA????" and cringed when I first saw her. It was at that moment I knew Obama had already won. I truly wish she would just GO AWAY.