Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend stuff

Seadrift, the most inept of the three cats my wife feeds, got lucky a couple of days ago, like that proverbial blind hog that finds an acorn. She caught a rodent, unidentified. A scientist friend said she would have to see the feet of the little beast to know if it was mouse or a young rat. Whatever it was, it managed to escape the molestations of the cat and scuttle up a hibiscus, where we left it to sort out its fate according to the laws of nature.

We did civic duty Sunday afternoon by going to the **Adrift Friends of the Library fundraiser, held in a tent out on Swan Point. There was a good lunch starring étouffée but with other supporting foods of considerable merit. The catering was by Grapevine Cafe of Victoria, a little place up north by the medical lashup on Main just short of the Loop. Music was provided by the CHS jazz group, which had the decency to play mostly old stuff. All the kids wore black, as did the band leader. Reminds that the beatniks were the last attractive hip movement. A musical friend declared them good. We were taken by the coolth of the bassist, a tall slender, and pretty girl jest eat up with 17-year-old sangfroid. She was cute to watch. There is something charming about a luncheon in a tent whence we could look out and see big blue herons scuffling for food in the shallows. The library fund is coming along nicely.

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