Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grumble, mutter, cuss

The NYT has a piece today on hankypanking by Alan Hevesi, the erstwhile state comptroller, with state pension $$s.
But by the time Mr. Hevesi resigned his office in late 2006, investigators for the Albany County district attorney’s office were examining a more troubling problem: allegations that Mr. Hevesi’s associates had sold access to the state’s $122 billion pension fund, using one of the world’s largest pools of assets to reward friends, pay back political favors and reap millions of dollars in cash rewards for themselves.

Read the whole thing here. The Times failed to mention Hevesi’s party affiliation, no doubt a fact unobtainable by the Newspaper of Record. Fortunately, because of my excellent training in investigative techniques at the UT College of Communication and my devotion to staying abreast of technology, I was able to perform a difficult and obscure research procedure known to insider journalism pros as Googling and to determine that Hevesi is a D. Who could have guessed? A pox on both their damn corrupt houses and the mendacious Times in the deal.

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