Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Been censusing all week over in Port Lavaca. At some places in my first block of houses, there was a want of clarity about the house numbers. I ran into a guy from the city utilities, and he told me there were three sets of addresses working on some houses out there, something like emergency responder numbers, appraisal district numbers, and some other thing. Just amazing.
Vicad embarrassments for Wed: ’What drink do you pair with with (sic) Latino food?’
The repeated ’with’ is incidental … my cavil is with the introduction of ’Latino’ as the PC term of the month. The discussion is clearly about Mexican food and the drinks discussed were clearly intended for matching with Mexican food.
And then, from the farm and ranch page: ’And cattle isn’t selling for what it once did.’ And writing aren’t what it were.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Lesse, with my MEXICAN food, I prefer a nice pungent tequila, say of the hornos variety, or blue agave.....or something like that. And as long as the current management has its claws in the VidAd, writing will never be what it once were......

The Loon said...

Hey Shug:
Bless you for your comments and your faithful reading. I was thinking a week or so back about quitting this thing just because of the small obligation I let it impose on me. Then I got a note from a guy, said he only read two or three blogs and this was one of them, so I suppose I will continue. Also, this is the only writing I do these days, and it is nice to keep a hand in the game.

Sugar Magnolia said...

If you were to stop blogging, Loon, it would be a great loss to those thinkers and dreamers among us. I come to your site before I go to any other. Don't let anyone knock the wind out of your sails. I suspect a great many other people find their way to your writings, but just don't take the time to comment. Keep on keepin' on.