Thursday, April 16, 2009

Various plaints

In a Page 1A Vicad story today, written by one Rubi Reyes, we have some of the most egregious mispunctuation you are likely ever to see:
"In the story printed in the newspaper you stated that the DA had approached you and in the interview online you said just the opposite, which time were you lying," Watts asked Hagan?

First, there is the matter of the comma splice, always painful. Then there is that lonely little interrogation point, hung out on the end of the sentence for want of understanding where it properly went.
My second plaint about the front page today is that bogus gathering at the plaza of people complaining about taxes and the Congress. The supposedly spontaneous and nonpartisan gatherings are suspiciously thick with Rs named prominently and quoted frequently. I, too, worry about debts generated by borrowing to finance dubious enterprises. I started worrying about it when that bipedal pus pocket GWB began financing off the books his treasonous invasion and occupation of a country that had offered us no real provocation.
I wish there were a genuine Independent party growing in this country; I would attach myself to it in a minute. I loathe the Republicans and have little use for the Dems. They seem hellbent on an immigration amnesty this year, disregarding high unemployment and the sentiment of the American people. The big media are hammering away on the topic in ways that assure us that the fix is in. You frequentlyread and hear maudlin stories about how disruptive and inconvenient illegal aliens find it to be removed from a place they have no right to be in the first place.


chats said...

"Bipedal pus pocket"? You're too kind to the dolt, methinks. And to the Rs, who, as one wag suggested, are like arsonists standing around their handiwork, criticizing how the firemen choose to put it out... Funny how they came to religion on finance, your classic death-bed conversion.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Don't blame me. I voted for Kinky.

globalgal said...

I came to your blog by way of a certain pilot and I'm glad for it because it is highly entertaining.

I'd love a good independent party. Right now there is just no place for me in US politics. Might even entice me to come back someday! (I live in China where the politics are even wackier.)

I just wanted to delurk and applaud your blog.

Anonymous said...

Read Jon Friedman of MarketWatch. "Solving the newspaper industry's problems" And, comments.