Monday, March 9, 2009

Mexican collapse (cont.)

The Oil Drum is one of those Internet phenomena that seem to justify the hopes people once held for the medium as an instrument for communication and education. Primarily concerned with oil, it features a lot of interesting posts and commentary. From recent post on conditions in Mexico:
It’s been difficult to read a paper or watch the news recently without hearing about the growing troubles in Mexico. The US military’s Joint Forces Command issued their Joint Operating Environment 2008 report recently that listed Mexico and Pakistan as the most likely states to collapse in the immediate future … Even 60 Minutes ran a segment about the rising drug violence.

Read the whole thing here. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a crank when I look across the river and see imminent collapse; I find some morbid reassurance in the gloom of The Oil Drum. The thing to remember is the cryptic remark that someone once made: ’In Mexico nothing happens until it happens.’ It may be fixing to happen.

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