Thursday, March 26, 2009

Huckleberry Finn adventures

Tuesday night a friend called with a short-notice offer of an adventure the next day: He had to deliver a boat down the coast and would I be interested in coming along?
Not only Yes but Hell, yes, I would be interested.
He picked me up early Wednesday, we met the rest of the party, and drove over to the embarkation dock at Point Comfort. The boat was to go to Rockport for a diving job, so the route was south down Matagorda Bay, then a right at Port O, and south, or more westerish really, on the Intracoastal Canal. A phone call en route changed the destination to **Adrift.
It was a fine trip, with lessons in Bay Rat history and folklore, the idiosyncrasies of the waters along the way, and a chance to wonder at the marvels of modern technology, as a GSP mounted above the wheel drew a line down the path. A boy of about twelve would probably make a good boat driver if they outfitted the boat with thumb controls. The alternate pilot was an old waterman, raised in Port Isabel, and one of those natural engineers who are so entertaining to listen to.
An excellent adventure and one I would happily repeat. I would bet that very few people got to see a whooping crane yesterday. Just another reason for life in paradise.

My pilot was a piratical character with long history on the bays.
Every few miles there was an osprey sitting on a post, watching the water for dining opportunities.
Rara avis … we saw two whoopers working the grass on the shoreline of Welder Ranch.


Scot said...

Way cool, Loon. I'm jealous.
A recommendation for a book that your post reminds me of: "River-Horse" by William Least-Heat Moon.
You'd enjoy it, I think, if you haven't already.

Sugar Magnolia said...

God bless the pilots and the loons of the world. My life would be so much poorer without thee.