Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bad news on the coast

Per the LATimes, Cali unemployment is now above 10%, ranging considerably higher in agricultural areas. Seems like a golden opportunity to do something about the many illegals who are purportedly here to do jobs Americans reject.
The 10.1% jobless rate is the highest since June 1983 and not far below the 11% record set in November 1982 at the worst point of a severe recession, according to the governor's office. …

Read all that one here. Thankfully, we are better off here in Texas, but nonetheless a couple hundred of the few well paid jobs in Calhoun county have gone away, and Texas lacks a safety net for the unemployed. Apocalypse soon.

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chats said...

Mmmm... More news to come, undoubtedly, of the latest princeling to be caught with his hands in the cookie jar. When they drain this swamp, there'll be many more bodies found. Time to sharpen the guillotine.