Thursday, March 19, 2009

Border madness of a different sort

David Burge, the man who writes the hilarious and non-PC IowaHawk blog, posts a story he wrote for Garage Magazine about a journey into the dangerous borderlands on a quest for a legendary Big Daddy Roth custom car reported to exist outside a sex shop in Cd. Juárez. It sounds like quests all border hands have all made into the maw of the monster. Like any good quest story, it involves dangers overcome and a goal reached. He writes:
From the crest of the bridge I can see the Rio Grande. Physically, it’s a muddy concrete ditch with an extravagant name. It’s the army of uniformed agents on either side that indicate its real significance: it defines an imaginary line, separating two worlds, creating big risks and even bigger opportunities. Opportunities for treasure hunters and smugglers, for immigrants, for gringos seeking a little high-quality debauchery.

Read the whole thing here. Guy catches the Hunter-Thompson-style craziness mode.

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