Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bad news on the border

Ramón Rentería, a reporter for the world's worst newspaper, has a poignant column on getting the news of week-long furloughs for news staffers on top of all the other grief afoot in the world:
But nobody warned us that tomorrow would be here sooner than we expected and we would wake up one day with our 401(k)s in the economic sewer.
So, one Friday afternoon you're staring at the blinking cursor, thinking how you can poke fun at the fact that you've been furloughed for a week (a pretty way of saying unpaid vacation).

Read it all here. The EPTimes is a pathetic rag, circulating only about 73k
daily in a population base of something close to three-quarters of a million. Unfortunately, there is a low level of English literacy there and a general indifference to education. Poor Ramón, poor El Paso, poor newspapers.

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