Thursday, February 26, 2009

(Silent teardrops)

Just switch on the TV or hit a Web site these days for news of another newspaper put down for humane reasons, wounded beyond any hope of survival. This from the NYT:
The Rocky Mountain News in Denver will cease publication on Friday.
E.W. Scripps, which owns (the) newspaper, known locally as The Rocky, announced Thursday that it had failed to find a buyer for the daily. Scripps’s chief executive, Rich Boehne, said in a statement that The Rocky was “a victim of changing times in our industry and huge economic challenges.” Scripps said the newspaper lost $16 million last year.

Read all here.
And, then, as reported in the Vicad, the SA E-N does some slashing. From the Express-News Web site:

The cuts include 75 positions in the newsroom, about 30 percent of the newsroom staff, in a combination of layoffs and the elimination of open positions.
Executive Vice President and Editor Bob Rivard said the cuts would affect every department in the newsroom and journalists at all levels, requiring a restructuring of news operations. Some newsroom production work will be consolidated with the Houston Chronicle. Both newspapers are owned by the privately held Hearst Corp.

All of that story here. I immediately sent off a note to a friend who works for the E-N’s hip-mag insert, 210SA. She’s a former Vicad reporter who spent the time and money to get a MA in journalism from the real UT. She wrote back that she didn’t get hit in the cuts. A journalism masters is like buying poverty when you can have it for nothing.

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