Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get any rain up your way?

The NYTimes has a piece on a Beeville rancher and his drought problems. Read it here. Not enough rain around here to count. As everything natural seems to believe that spring has arrived, we could sure use some precip.
In further news from **Adrift, we are off today to catch a plane in the morning from Bergstrom, bound for NYC. Sunday will find us sitting in the grandstand at Aqueduct. Oh boy, road trip! Will post as opportunities present. Pastrami sandwich at the Katz deli … MOMA … nat hist museum … the lions at the library.

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Chats said...

Katz's reminds me of a road trip many years ago with the ex... A fine old fellow with a thick Yiddish accent waited on us, and I managed to get us finely apportioned with way too much food -- the proper perspective there. As we loaded our wares to the diner-style table, my companion, a fine Texas lass, asked innocently, "What language was he speaking?"