Monday, February 9, 2009

Blah blah blah

Was just watching BHO in his press conference. He does some political weaseling, being a politician, but he is so much nimbler than #43 that they barely seem to belong to the same species. And, then CNBC abruptly switched to a nobler enterprise, the Westminster Dog Show, terrier division. I would make the unkind but accurate observation that female dog handlers are mostly dumpy and wear dowdy clothes but comfortable shoes.
In the unkind but accurate line, how 'bout that Advocate today? One P1 story about some one-year-old kid who messes around on someone's skateboard and another about a joke that some microceph thought racist. It was not made entirely clear by the reporter, but the joke depends on the fact that in Spanish dime, or more properly díme with an acute accent, is second-person familiar imperative for "tell me," nothing to to with a 10¢ piece. (Second-person formal imperative would be dígame, but one can safely use the familiar with a Coke machine.) I was first told the joke by a Mexican friend in slightly different form along about 1965. It was mocking the then-president of Mexico(Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, I believe), wherein he sees the word "dime" on a Coke machine, looks over his shoulder to see if anyone is watching, then whispers to the machine, "Dáme una Coca-Cola," "Give me a Coke." Lots of damn fools are far too willing to be offended.

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