Friday, February 6, 2009

More bloodshed in the journalism business

For my latest bloodshed in journalism, I read the Angry Journalist Web site most days. This, from today’s postings:
Angry Journalist #8019:
And so it begins. . . . at my Central Texas daily newspaper, today they announced the layoffs of three newsroom colleagues whose positions have been eliminated (”It’s not the people who were targeted, but the job slots”, we were told.)
These are the FIRST EVER layoffs in our department in the history of the company, period. Managing editor (a gal) and executive editor (a guy) with tears in their eyes, explained, with zero sugar-coating, that the company seems to be tanking. The fact that we are for sale doesn’t help the sense of impending doom.

The state of the newspaper business is truly distressful, and nothing looks likely to ameliorate the cascades of blood loose in the world. We will be sorry when they’re gone.

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