Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas Eve

Went into town yesterday to do some clean-up shopping and get the wherewithal for the big meal tomorrow. 'The Little Drummer Boy' finally caught up to me; I'd managed to avoid hearing it until yesterday afternoon. May be one of the better runs on that … in the past, friends who know how much I dislike the song would sometimes call me and then hold their phone up to a radio where it was playing. Went into Dillard's and found things totally uncrowded, was obliged to wait only a couple of minutes to check out. People seemed in a good mood, perhaps because things were non-frantic. The seers and pundits warn that we can look for some big retailers to go into bankruptcy about Feb, when the full horror of the season has been processed through the system.
Meantime, I have shrimp bisque cooking and a copita of Chilean white at hand, the dogs are quiet for the moment, and the world's a decent sort of place. My wife used my last few drops of brandy to make some sort of cookie, but when I whined and shrieked she said perhaps Santa knew that my brandy supply was low. I can but hope. Last year I got, among other things, a ball of cotton kitchen twine. I was glad to have it. I needed it. A fine Christmas to all.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

Our Christmas was blessed, as we were together, just the few of us, with mostly good health and good spirits. I realize as I get older, that is enough. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that you got your brandy. Santa works in mysterious ways, after all.