Sunday, December 28, 2008

The times

There's a real estate-finance site that entertains and edifies me. A recent commenter posted ' / Detroit. / 2691 listings found / $1-$9999.' Imagine that ... houses under $10k in a major city, although a major city in extremis. Apparently the r.e. markets in Califa and Arizona are awash in blood. Despite that, when I'm wandering through the channels I still see those shows where annoying yuppies look at houses and talk about making money reselling them. I wonder if this isn't something like that light we see from far-away stars, stars astronomers tell us have gone extinct since the light set out on its trip across the cosmos. Or maybe looking at 1920s nudie photos and knowing all the lovely, voluptuous girls are surely dead by now. On a thread some time back, one commenter wrote, 'The hell with gold, I'm buying guns and rice.'

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Anonymous said...

And a prosperous New Year to you too, Loon.
I will continue to enjoy your blogs and sometimes disagree. But after all, isn't that one of our precious freedoms, to disagree while remaining friends?