Sunday, December 21, 2008

On it flows

Some of the non-border news organizations have begun to cover the situation in Cd. Juárez, but the news on the site is more thorough. From KVIA-TV, a Las Cruces outfit:
JUAREZ -- Six municipal police officers have been killed in conflicts with drug cartel members since Sunday.
One of the officers killed was with a group of four men who were shot and killed outside the Juarez Racetrack. The off-duty officer was left decapitated with a Santa Claus hat at his feet.

Read it all here. OK, horrifying story, with bit of what my wife calls the Three Stooges touch that you find in Mexican violence, as if Curly and Moe actually gouged out eyes when they were fooling around, but still, ya know, police officers threatened by dopers ...
Then there's the other side to Mexican police work:
JUAREZ -- Chihuahua State Police officers arrested five suspects - including two Juarez Municipal Police officers -- who allegedly broke into a bank and stole almost $150,000.

Read all that one here. Most Mexicans of my acquaintance regarded all Mexican police as almost certainly criminals and would not call them or go to them.

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