Friday, March 14, 2008

A war against feline vermin

Attention, cat haters: There's money to be made in Randolph [Iowa], which is offering a $5 bounty for each feral feline turned in.

Now, there's an idea I can support as civic betterment. Read the whole NYTimes story here. Sap is rising in the local cat population, and an already obnoxious contingent is crowding closer in on my house. A large assortment of uninvited cats dines in my garage. One is a greatly gravid gray who looks ready to pop any minute, guaranteeing even more of the murderous and smelly creatures for the neighborhood. My wife claims two of the crowd -- Seadrift, a product of a prepotent Siamese tom who seems to have fathered half the cats in the village, and Verminella [I got to name her], the pocket panther. Two cats is plenty of cats to claim. Another freeloader is a tough old black-and-white tom. One of my neighbors calls him Sergeant Carter and another neighbor calls him Boss. That gives a sense of his presence. I kinda admire him.

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