Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I shoulda done this on Monday

Our neighbor had her whole tribe down for Easter; even with four boys, they couldn't eat all the ham, so she sent us over what she modestly called a hambone and what I'd call about half a ham. The highest and best use of this noble bit of dead pig is in red beans, traditionally made on Monday with the bone left from Sunday's ham. [This is so you can do wash on Monday without having to fool with cooking.] The beans have been simmering for a couple, three hours, rice is steaming, & I have in the fridge some gorgeous potato salad I made this weekend. Little chopped onion, some pepper vinegar -- heaven. On the table, we keep a mayo jar of Thai chiles covered with vinegar. It's been running for a couple of years but the peppers retain their efficacy even yet ... just keep on pouring in more vinegar. Love it on greens or steamed cabbage. It'll open your eyes.

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