Thursday, March 27, 2008

C. in C.

This evening I heard Hillary tell me that she was ready to be the economic Commander in Chief. Now I'm not a constitutional scholar, but I'm pretty sure that this duty for the president exists only in her overweeningly ambitious mind. That woman's just dying to tell us all what to do, and I'm damn well not ready to be told anything by her. One of the many, many irritating routines of Nukular George is his harping on his role as Commander in Chief. He just loves to say those words, but that's of the military, not of the whole damn country. He is not my Commander in Chief ... I'm not in the military. That simple-minded schlump has spent eight years looking like a kid who strayed off from the Resource Room and ended up in the advanced calculus class, where he didn't understand anything going on but figured he could bluster his way through it all. What a catastrophe he has been.

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