Sunday, August 28, 2011

We're mad as hell, but we'll keep on taking it

A blog, YOLO, gives sixteen stats to illustrate the anger of the American public these days:
According to a whole host of polls and surveys, the American people are incredibly angry right now. The American people are hopping mad at the government, the American people are hopping mad about the economy and the American people are hopping mad about the direction that this country is headed. Never before in modern U.S. history have the American people been this angry. There is vast disagreement about what the solutions to our problems actually are, but what everyone can agree on is that the American people are absolutely seething with anger right now.

You can read the reasons cited here. The Tea Party people began as a manifestation of popular anger. A shame they seem to have been co-opted by some bigtime money guys. Their initial impulse wasn't totally wrong, and loud public demonstrations of anger are good as reminders to the powers.
Talk to just about anybody and you'll hear that anger. We despise our Congress and have no use for the president. Obama could have given AG Eric Holder a big push to investigate and prosecute some of the miscreants who brought on the horrible financial mess. Instead Holder appointed a bunch of civil-right attorneys and natters on about wanting a conversation on race. It's not the AG's place to moderate conversations; it's his place to prosecute crimes, and there are a bunch lying out there to look into. Millions of Americans have lost jobs and hope, and most of us feel that we have no advocates anywhere in government. Can somebody please make us feel otherwise? Or does Goldman Sachs truly own the entire U.S. government? There is no party or person that makes me feel otherwise.
At least, per this story in the LATimes, the congress know their constituents aren't happy. Congress members are avoiding town-hall meetings during the recess because they don't like getting beat up on by unhappy voters.
Polls show Americans not only want to throw the bums out, a view voters often express, but they want to dislodge their own representative — a colossal shift in voter attitudes.
A Pew Research Center survey released Thursday said 86% of Americans were "frustrated or angry" with the federal government. Republican leaders' approval ratings dropped to 22%, with Democrats not much better at 29%.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Feeling anger isn't so bad. At least the public is feeling SOMETHING.

Lately, I'm feeling a strange sensation that I can't say I have ever really felt: numbness. I am numb. I am just so tired of the political world, I don't care anymore. And I firmly believe that apathy is far worse than anger. I don't know how to jar myself out of that blase' mood. I usually get fired up about this or that, will agree or disagree with others. I've never been one for political arguments, but love a good debate and usually have a candidate I can stand confidently behind. Not anymore. I just think that they're all no good, there are no statesmen anymore, just politicans, and that my vote doesn't really matter, not like I once believed it did.

How to get beyond this apathy? I don't have a clue. All I know is that I just simply do not care anymore, at least about politics. Seems the politicos are going to do whatever they damn well please anyway, so what's the point?

To people who still care enough to be angry, I say, "Carry on!"

Sugar Magnolia said...
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