Sunday, August 7, 2011

Everybody talks about it

The South Texas summer drags along as relentlessly as a Chicago winter. Rain continues negligible, and there are three-inch cracks in the back yard, despite $150 water bills. This could go on for a long time. From the Fort Worth Startlegram:
The ferocious Texas drought is clobbering crops, thinning out cattle herds, decimating wildlife, and drying up streams and reservoirs, but it's also wreaking havoc deep underground, where the state's aquifers are dropping at a precipitous rate, experts say.

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And, from a guy named Joe Romm, possible long-term implications of the drought:
Dust-Bowlification combined with the impact on food insecurity of Dust-Bowlification (and other extreme events) is, I believe, the biggest impact that climate change is likely to have on most people for most of this century (until sea level rise gets serious in the latter decades).

More of that here. The forces of the cosmos conspire to make miserable our lives. How's your IRA doing? Yeh, I know, mine too.

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