Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heat index right now is 119°

The decrepit old air conditioner is making a valiant effort to keep up, but it's sweating-hot even in the house. Go out on the porch and you'll come in soaked in greasy sweat, even with no exertion at all. If you stayed very long, you'd just render down to a puddle of lard, I guess. That piddling little rain made not a dent in the dried-up area formerly known as the yard. There are cracks two inches across out there. Hoping for rain? don't. See the Drought Monitor for your prospects for relief. Ninety-five percent of the state is in extreme or exceptional drought. That's really disheartening. We'll have no lemons this year, though the tangerine tree has set some fruit. But sooner or later, it has to get cooler if not wetter.


Edith Ann said...

I'm to the point that I think sitting under a water sprinkler is the way to go.

It is probably just a figment of my imagination, but I do think it is bearable at about 8:00 p.m.

In any event, I swear, swear, swear I will NOT complain this winter, no matter how cold it gets. (I have heated seats in the new car...)

Sugar Magnolia said...

Jeez Louise this has been one mother of a summer. Don't look now, but from what I can gather, we may see a little relief temp-wise, possibly even precip wise, come Thursday or so.

Which is fitting, since it will be September. But I do recall some Septembers that have been more brutal than its preceding August.

I guess it remains to be seen what kind of month September will turn out to be, but I hope it's a sight better than the last 3 months or so.

Winter can't come SOON ENOUGH!