Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little lady preachers

We went to a birthday celebration this afternoon for a friend who's turned 70. I couldn't even kid him about being old, being within easy sight of 70 myownself. The party was held at the little Methodist church here in **Adrift where the pulpit has been for the last couple of years in the possession of a young female who looks about 20 years old. She is about to be ordained, and the pulpit here will pass to another.
For whatever reasons, it put me in mind of this Tom T. Hall song. I was very devoted to Tom T. back in the 1970s and saw him two or three times around Austin. I had the thought when I was teaching English in Mexico that his songs would make a nice tool for people trying to learn the language, as they tell stories that are universal and catch nicely a basic part of American culture. 'The Homecoming' is a perfect song, and Tom T. Hall is a genius. Haven't seen anything of him for some time, but he must be around 70, like the rest of us. Maybe he just went home to Olive Hill, Ky., and sits on the porch and picks for his own pleasure.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

Mr. Loon, you speak to my heart with Tom T Hall. "I Love" (my favorite of his songs) him. You've made me so nostalgic now I have to go to YouTube to see more. In fact, Mr. Hall will be turning 76 this month, all the better to enjoy "Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine" I suppose. Thanx for the video!