Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dancin' in the street

Check out this nimble, porky little tanguero dancing in the streets in Buenos Aires. You go out, say, on Sunday morning to some street fair, and there will be people tangoing in blocked-off streets. Or wander down toward the Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo, and there they are, people dancing for crowds that accumulate to the sound of the music. It seems like something touristy, and there are touristy tango venues, but the dance is absolutely basic in the cultures of the Rio de la Plata countries. There are people, mostly females, i think, who come from other countries and immerse themselves in tango. It's really sexy music and dance and no doubt provides a steady supply of chicks for BsAs tango guys to hustle.
It's an odd thing, people who completely embrace other cultures. There used to be a Japanese guy who did country fiddling, and around Austin many years ago a Dutch guy who did American folk music. He'd go on about 'Pick Pill Proonzy.' I've always had a weakness for Mexican ranchera music of Forties and Fifties vintage. Ayy, Cuco Sánchez. I'll scratch around and find some Cuco one of these days. We had an interesting conversation in Vigo, Spain, with an internet cafe guy who picked up our Mexigringo accents and engaged us; turned out he was a big fan of the same music. It's an amazing world.


Edith Ann said...

He seemed to be very light on his feet! Her dress seemed to be very light too, creeping up and up!

That looks like fun!

Thanks--always love the tangos!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Edith Ann finally got her tango! And so did the rest of us. Thanks, Loon.

I once worked with a gentleman from Trinidad/Tobago, he was a stout thing, quite shorter than I, middle-aged, balding. Quite a character, he. His name was Mohammed, but we all just called him Mo. He was living his dream because he got to move to not only America, but to TEXAS, and immerse himself in the cowboy culture he had always so dearly loved. He adored any type of country music, particularly old-school. Not only this, but he SANG. To look at him, and to listen to him talk, you would never suspect the man had such a beautiful voice. But, you could close your eyes, he would sing a Jim Reeves song ("He'll have to go" was his fave) and you would SWEAR you were listening to the real McCoy. Absolutely amazing. Not a time goes by when I hear a Jim Reeves or Ray Price song that I don't think of him. I still see him from time to time at things like seminars and such, and ask him if he still sings, and he will belt out a note or two. I greatly miss working with him.

It really is amazing how some can so completely absorb another culture that it seems they have been here all along.