Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ayyy, Cuca!

We've got this thing going for a Portuguese singer name of Cuca Roseta. She is amazingly beautiful and has a voice that can make you teary-eyed. Check this out. It's not a tango, but it's not bad. Four or five years ago, we spent several days in the north of Portugal, just across the border from Spain. It was beautiful country with the feeling that all the buildings were built four or five hundred years back when the Portuguese were running all about the world. The old days of empire left influences that you wouldn't think about at first: African immigrants, chinoiserie from the old days in Macao, curries because of the Goa connection, and Brazilian workers around. Pore place's getting roughed up the the current economic climate, which is sad, as they had such a long, dry spell before the little burst of Europrosperity. You could stand to live there; the food is very good, excellent wine is cheap, people are amiable.

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Edith Ann said...

That was lovely.

I think you have had her 'on' your blog before, no?

Wonderful voice. Would be very nice to sit in the breezy shade and sip some nice wine and listen to more.